Oct 20, 2017: Cattle… Good or Bad?

Gathering cattle in Big Sky country.

I’ve spent the last week out at Sam’s grandfather’s ranch in Eastern Montana gathering the cattle in the Custer National Forest and bringing them down to the ranch in time to ship the calves to market tomorrow morning.

In last week’s Newsletter I mentioned that I was heading […]

Oct 13, 2017: The Snow Shows Where the Heat Goes

A fresh dusting of snow shows where heat is escaping through the roof of this house in Missoula.

Greetings (for the last time on this trip) from Missoula, Montana where we woke up to find a fresh dusting of snow on the ground this morning. This will be just the first of many snow […]

Sept 6, 2017: Tesla Tiny House coming to Bowral

The Tesla Tiny House is touring Australia towed by a Tesla Model-X

Readers in Australia may have heard of the ‘Tesla Tiny House’ which is currently doing a tour of capital cities around the country to showcase Tesla’s home energy storage systems and, of course, the Model-X SUV that is pulling it. The good […]

Sept 29, 2017: Home Solar and Double-dipping on Carbon Emissions

I’ll be in Montana for another month and we’re making some good progress on Sam’s house. This week we’ve started painting the outside with some warm colours that should help make it feel cozy through a long Montana winter.

This is how Sam’s house looked yesterday

In a couple of weeks we’ll be heading […]

Sept 22, 2017: Time to Load Up On Solar

Hello again, and Happy Spring Equinox . This is going to be a VERY quick Newsletter this week. I’m back in Missoula and hard at work on the renovations to Sam’s house so time is short. We had a wonderful drive back from the ranch in Eastern Montana after some cooler weather and much-welcome rain. […]

Sept 15, 2017: Sustainable House Day This Sunday.

For the fourth year in a row, the Greeny Flat will be open once again for Sustainable House Day on Sunday, September 17th from 10am to 4pm. Since I’m still in Montana, I won’t be able to help but three of my wonderful family have volunteered to be there to show people around and […]

Sept 8, 2017: Project Progress, Yellowstone, Etc

Hello again from smokey Missoula, Montana. My dear Cintia left yesterday to return to Mittagong for the firing of the Anagama wood kiln at Sturt Pottery. The day before she left, on the spur of the moment we decided to visit Yellowstone National Park which is about four hours drive east of here. It was […]

August 31, 2017: Day Tripping in Montana

This week I’d like to share some photos from a wonderful day trip that Cintia and I took around parts of Western Montana a few days ago. But first here’s some…

Reader Feedback – another one’s got the phever!

In response to our continuing updates about living with a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle we got […]

August 25, 2016: Electric Vehicle Update

Five minutes ago I was driving past the University of Montana (UM) and I saw this!

This is the University of Montana’s new Electric Bus!

They were in the process of training a new driver so I was able to briefly chat with the trainer. Apparently UM now has two of these electric buses […]

August 18, 2017: State of The States

Hello again from warm and sunny Missoula, Montana. Having spent the last couple of weeks catching up with old friends, making plans, gathering materials, choosing colours and doing prep work for the renovations to my son’s house we’ve actually started to make some progress. We’ve torn out the horrible old carpet in the dining area […]