July 7, 2017: A Year of PHEVing It.

Electric Vehicle Running Costs

As many of our readers will know only too well, June 30th is the end of the financial year here in Australia which means… it’s TAX TIME! Yay! Being self-employed means that part of my tax fun is figuring out what my vehicle expenses have been for the past year and […]

April 28, 2017: Doing the Dirty Work

Replacing the sewer lines down the west side of the house next to the Greeny Flat.

It’s been a busy week here at the Greeny Flat. We’ve been replacing the sewer lines as part of the energy retrofit of the old fibro cottage on the property. For new readers, you can catch up on […]

April 7, 2017: 3RD EARTH DAY PARTY – April 22

Saturday, April 22nd marks the global celebration of Earth Day as well as the end of our third year of living in and monitoring the performance of the Greeny Flat. Hopefully the rain will stay away or we might be packed in like sardines as we were for our first Earth Day Party (see […]

May 8, 2016: Underslab Insulation

Before I get into this week’s discussion about insulating under concrete slabs I thought some readers might be interested in a short video of a presentation I gave on the subject of ‘Shelter’ to an Economic Development Summit held late last year. In the video I talk about some of the problems that I see […]

May 1, 2016: Counting Comfort and Costs

In last week’s Newsletter I shared the energy performance results from our second full year in the Greeny Flat. I was very happy to report that we continue to be well and truly energy positive in spite of the fact that we are now putting quite a bit of our excess energy into our Electric […]

April 24, 2016: Celebrating Two Years of Energy Positive Living

Second Earth Day Party at the Greeny Flat

Friday (April 22nd) was Earth Day and it also marked the completion of our second year living in, and monitoring the performance of, the Greeny Flat. So we marked both occasions with a little party.

Thanks to everyone who came along to help us celebrate two […]

Sept 12, 2015: Greeny Flat Named 2015 Green Globe Awards Finalist

For ‘Excellence in Sustainability’, the Green Globe Awards are NSW’s leading environmental awards.

We are highly honoured and proud to announce that the Greeny Flat has been chosen as one of two finalists in the ‘Built Environments – Residential Properties’ category for the 2015 awards.

The following is a quote from a NSW Office of […]

Apr 26, 2015: Party Pics and Random Bits.

Our 1st Earth Day Party was a fun and encouraging event.

Thanks to everyone who came along to our 1st Earth Day Party on Wednesday evening to help us celebrate the outstanding success of the first year of the Greeny Flat Experiment. We had about fifty people come through which, considering the amount of […]

Feb 22, 2015: Proof Positive

Today marks the end of our 10th month of monitoring the performance of the Greeny Flat. At this point we can confidently predict that we will complete our first year of testing with a large energy surplus. In fact, at this point, we have exported well over three times as much energy to the grid […]

Dec 24, 2014: December Results

Energy Positive with Renewable Energy

We’ve been living in and monitoring the Greeny Flat for 8 months now. A basic table of the results so far can be found on our Results Page. Looking at the Results Table you’ll see that we have now exported a total of 836kWh of electricity from the grid and […]