Feb 24, 2014: Greeny Flat in the news

We had a very pleasant visit last week from Megan Drapalski, a reporter with the Southern Highland News, and we were honoured to find the following article in the local paper today. Thanks Megan, for a nice article that accurately and succinctly explains what we’re up to.


2 comments to Feb 24, 2014: Greeny Flat in the news

  • Christian Antoniak

    Hi, We love the design and concept of the Greeny Flat. How much did it cost i.e breakdown of Solar and total cost.

    • admin

      Hi Christian, thanks for visiting the Greeny Flat website and sorry about the slow response. I’ve been away on an extended trip and just got back. I plan to post more about the cost breakdown for the project very soon and I will send you an email to let you know when that information is up on the website. If you’re ever in the Mittagong area and would like to come and visit the flat you are more than welcome to do so. Regards, Andy.

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