May 22, 2020: Morrison Wants To Give $11M To A Coal Baron

In last month’s Newsletter I was very happy to share the results of the previous six months of monitoring the energy performance of both the Greeny Flat and the old cottage next to it. We have been gradually upgrading the cottage with a complete energy retrofit over the last few years so I was delighted […]

April 22, 2020: Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and we would usually be having our annual Greeny Flat Earth Day Party tonight.

A pre-social distancing Earth Day Party at the Green Flat.

But, of course, we can’t do that this year and I have to say, it’s a bit of a relief. I don’t wish to downplay the tragedy […]

Feb 20, 2020: Kitchen finished

The Finished Kitchen

Yesterday I put the final touches on the kitchen in the old house next to the Greeny Flat. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s obviously a modern upgrade to an old house but it feels sympathetic to the character of the old girl. It’s interesting how a few […]

Jan 31, 2020: How To Build a Fire-proof House

As I mentioned in last week’s Newsletter, the fire danger has subsided a lot over the last couple of weeks. Tomorrow will be another test with temperatures in our area predicted to be over 40C (104F) and hot, north-westerly winds. But next week is looking cool again so we’re not too worried at the moment.


Nov 22, 2019: Energy Positive Success

We’re making steady progress on the interior renovations to the old cottage next to the Greeny Flat. We were a bit distracted for the last couple of weekends due to opening the Greeny Flat for the Arts Trail which turned out to be a really nice thing to do. On all four days we had […]

Oct 18, 2019: Solar Monitoring and Upcoming Events

In our Newsletter on August 30 I wrote that our new solar system had been installed but that we weren’t able to turn it on yet. Well, we’ve had it turned on and operating for about three weeks now and it’s performing brilliantly. I’m very happy with the monitoring system provided by Enphase except for […]

Oct 11, 2019: Queen St Renovations

We’re now in the thick of the interior renovations to the Queen St house (the original house in front of the Greeny Flat). We started by knocking down the old brick chimney in the kitchen. Luckily there’s a quarry nearby which takes old masonry and concrete, crushes them and recycles them into new road base […]

Sept 6, 2019: Sustainable House Day 2019 next weekend.

Click on the image above to visit the SHD website.

Just a quick note this week to remind all our readers that Sustainable House Day is here again. This year it’s on Sunday, September 15th. As usual the Greeny Flat will be open from 10am to 4pm. Naturally all our readers are most welcome […]

Aug 30, 2019: Solar Installed

In last week’s Newsletter I mentioned that we had ordered the solar power system for the house next to the Greeny Flat. I was expecting it to take a month or so to get it installed. So I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from the installers (Space Solar based in Sydney) yesterday to […]

Aug 23rd, 2019: Solar System Ordered and Other Notable Stuff

As mentioned in last week’s Newsletter, we’ve now moved into the main house next to the Greeny Flat in order to complete the interior renovations. Long-time readers will know that we’ve been working on all the exterior energy retrofit work for nearly three years now in between other projects. Here’s a link to a series […]