July 13, 2018: Project Progress

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, Cintia and I are up in Queensland working on an affordable housing project… by that I mean we’re trying to build a house that we can afford because we certainly can’t afford one in the Southern Highlands.

We found a wonderful place called Russell Island with cheap land, a […]

July 7, 2018: Affordable Housing Project in QLD

It’s been nearly a month since I wrote our last Newsletter. That’s because Cintia and I are up in Queensland working on our very own affordable housing project. Don’t get me wrong, we love living in the Greeny Flat and we have a wonderful community of friends and family in the Southern Highlands of NSW. […]

May 11, 2018: DIY Retrofit Double-Glazing

A bit over a year ago I made a trip down to Sydney to do an Energy Assessment on an existing house in Epping. Probably built around 1950 on a west-facing site, this house had a tendency to get unbearable hot in the summer time and uncomfortably cold in the winter. Among a […]

May 4th, 2018: Greeny Flat Available to Rent – Jun/Jul/Aug

Hello again. This week we have some exciting news… we’re making the Greeny Flat available to rent from the 9th of June until the end of August.

Cintia and I will be away working on an affordable housing project in Queensland so we’ve listed the Greeny Flat with the wonderful team at Highlands Property in […]

April 20, 2018: Why you MUST monitor your solar system.

Lots to get through this week so I’ll try to be brief.

Firstly just a quick reminder that we’re having our 4th Earth Day Party at the Greeny Flat on Sunday from 4-7pm. Everyone’s welcome… more info in last week’s Newsletter here.

Should you monitor the output from your solar panels?

The answer is an […]

April 6, 2018: 4th Earth Day Party – April 22

Friends helping us celebrate Earth Day 2016 at the Greeny Flat

Sunday April 22nd marks the end of our fourth year of energy-positive-living in the Greeny Flat. It also happens to be the 48th annual, international celebration of Earth Day which, this year, is focused on ending plastic pollution.

So, in what has quickly […]

March 30, 2018: It’s a Great Time For Solar

Earlier this week I was asked to write a brief (300 word) article about solar for today’s local paper. If you’re interested you can access the article here… But I can save you the trouble…. because this is what I wrote.

When I look around the Southern Highlands I see a lot of buildings that […]

March 23, 2018: Beware of Tradies In Your Attic

I need to get something off my chest… it’s been bothering me for YEARS and I’ve finally had enough. I’m talking about tradesmen who go up into an attic, move the insulation out of the way to get to what they need to work on, do their work and then leave.

Can you spot […]

March 16, 2018: More Sustainable Subdivisions

A while ago I was asked by a friend who had just bought a block of land in the prestigious ‘Retford Park’ subdivision in Bowral, to help him design an energy efficient home to build on the property. I was dismayed and disgusted to discover that the ‘Design Guidelines’ for this subdivision actually made it […]

March 2, 2018: More Solar For Landlords and Renters

No More Tile Roof

Putting the finishing touches on the new roof for the cottage next to the Greeny Flat (click here to see how it looked with the tiles)

This week we completed the job of replacing the tile roof on the cottage next to the Greeny Flat with a light-coloured Colorbond roof. […]