Passive Solar Design 2014

Passive Solar Design 2014

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  • Jonathan Henderson

    Dear Andy,
    Would it be possible to pass on details about the supplier and installation of the solar passive product you have installed in the Greeny Flat please?
    Best regards

    1 Duke Street Bowral

    • admin

      Hi Jonathon and thanks for your interest in the Greeny Flat.

      In response to your question, Passive Solar Design is not a product, it is a system. There are ten simple and common sense principles that, when applied correctly, result in a building that stays warm in winter and cool in summer with little of no additional heating or air-conditioning. The Greeny Flat is proof that it works. We do not have a heating or cooling system yet the interior stays comfortably between 15 and 25 degrees most of the time. All we have to do is operate the windows and blinds correctly.

      All of this is detailed, at length on our website. I recommend that, if you want to understand passive solar design, you read all of the following section of our website. After that, if you have specific questions please let me know.

      Regards, Andy

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