Sept 18, 2020: Virtual Sustainable House Day on Sunday

As many of our readers will know, the Greeny Flat has been open for Sustainable House Day (SHD) for five of the last six years. This year we were planning to open both the Greeny Flat and the upgraded house next to it for SHD. However, the Covid situation has meant that SHD has gone virtual this year.

The bad news is that you can’t actually visit any of the hundreds of homes that will be “open” around the country. The good news is that you can virtually visit ALL of them this year plus there will be dozens of online sessions about subjects relating to sustainable housing throughout the day (see the full Program here).

While we will miss seeing and chatting to all the people who might have come to see our project this year we have never had the opportunity to visit any other homes on SHD because we have been busy hosting. So it will be fun for us to get involved in other ways and see some of the other projects.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested, you can see our page on the SHD website here with information about both the Greeny Flat and the Fibro Cottage Deep Energy Retrofit. And you can view the two video tours that we filmed for Sustainable House Day (one for the Greeny Flat and one for the Cottage) below.

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