April 14, 2017: One Down, One Billion to Go.

Earth Day Party

First up this week I’d like to remind everyone that we’re having our 3rd Earth Day Party at the Greeny Flat on Saturday, April 22nd, 4-7pm. You can read all about it in last week’s Newsletter here.

One Down – Hazelwood is Dead



The good news for this week is that one of the world’s most polluting coal-fired power plants, the Hazelwood power station in Victoria, is now closed. You can read more about it in this ‘Energy Matters’ article which states that the plant was responsible for about 3% of Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Output along with an annual dose of:

  • about 15 million tonnes of CO2
  • 25,000 tonnes of nitrogen oxides
  • 14,000 tonnes of sulfur dioxide
  • 7,700 tonnes of hydrochloric acid
  • 74 kg of arsenic
  • 140 kg of lead
  • 4,800 tonnes of fine particulate matter
  • 6,900 tonnes of carbon monoxide
  • 440 kg of mercury

This is great news for the environment. I just hope that the poor governmental planning surrounding the closure (we’ve known this was coming for years) doesn’t destabilise our electricity grid to the point where we do crazy things like the following.

One Billion to Go – Turncoat Offering Taxpayer Money to Help an Indian Company Destroy the Great Barrier Reef.

How do you begin to describe the insanity surrounding Adani’s proposed Carmichael Coal Mine. We know we have to stop burning fossil fuels. We know the Great Barrier Reef, one of the most beautiful and beloved ecosystems on the planet, is in a state of collapse. We know our government is withdrawing funding from social services and yet our esteemed Prime Minister Malcolm Turncoat is over in India offering to use $1 Billion dollars of taxpayer’s money to help build the biggest coal mine in Australia, stockpile the coal near sensitive wetlands and ship it through the Great Barrier Reef.

170414 Carmichael map

The Abbott Point Coal Port is right next to the Great Barrier Reef

Just this month we had a timely and tragic reminder of the madness of this scheme when Cyclone Debbie caused a massive release of coal-laden water into sensitive wetlands next to Adani’s coal stockpile at the Abbott Point Port.

Abbott Point

Satellite photos of the Caley Valley wetland next to the coal stockpile at Abbott Point before Cyclone Debbie (left) and after Adani released a huge amount of coal-laden water (right).


As reported in this article on The Guardian;

‘A vast swathe of the Caley Valley wetlands has been blackened by coal-laden water released from nearby Abbot Point port after Debbie’s torrential rains inundated its coal storage facilities last month.’

Join the Fight

Here at the Greeny Flat we try to avoid politics as much as possible. The only trust I have in politicians is that they will serve their own interests every time by doing the bidding of whoever gives them the biggest political donations. I don’t belong to, follow or believe in any political party, in fact I think party politics goes against the whole idea of democracy. But I can’t sit by and watch this outrageous injustice be committed against the future inhabitants of this beautiful planet and do nothing.

So I have joined the Australian Conservation Foundation’s fight against the Adani mine. I urge you to look into the facts, decide for yourself and take action to help stop this if you agree with my view that it is an abomination.

Here endeth the rant.

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