April 7, 2017: 3RD EARTH DAY PARTY – April 22

Earth Day Party photo

Saturday, April 22nd marks the global celebration of Earth Day as well as the end of our third year of living in and monitoring the performance of the Greeny Flat. Hopefully the rain will stay away or we might be packed in like sardines as we were for our first Earth Day Party (see photo below). But, come what may, we’ll be opening our doors from 4-7 pm and welcoming anyone who would like to come and see how the Greeny Flat is looking and performing after three years.

Friends helping us celebrate our First Earth Day Party on April 22nd, 2015

Friends helping us celebrate our First Earth Day Party on April 22nd, 2015

It seems to be becoming a tradition for us to cook home-made pizzas for everyone, so we’ll do that again. Feel free to bring something to drink along with either an appetiser or a dessert (finger food is great to limit washing up). We look forward to celebrating another successful year of life in our energy positive house. As you can see from our Results Page, we continue to export more than twice as much power to the electricity grid as we import from it. Even though we’ve had our Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) for over a year now and been plugging it in every day to charge the batteries we continue to be well and truly energy positive. This is very exciting for us. It means we’ve been able to reduce our carbon footprint even further by doing a lot of our local driving using renewable energy instead of petroleum.

We hope to see you here on Saturday, April 22nd to help us celebrate our great good fortune and our wonderful community of friends…. not to mention the following…

Greeny Flat Featured in Highlife Magazine

Screenshot from the Highlife website.

Screenshot from the Highlife website.

Thanks very much to Deborah McIntosh, the editor of Highlife, for a very nice article which appears in the current edition of the magazine and to Tony Sheffield for some wonderful photos (like the one above). Speaking of Tony, if you like nice photos of the area and/or old maps, I would encourage you to check out Tony’s gallery which is at the back of the Brown Bookshop, 311 Bong Bong St, Bowral. Tony takes badly worn old maps and restores them to beautiful condition and his photos are charming.

Another local couple who were also featured in this edition of Highlife are Deb and Jacob Newman from the Eden Brewery. I wrote about this new, local, green brewery in our Newsletter on January 13th, which was the day they opened. Since then they have been going great guns and are just managing to keep up with the demand for their delicious brews. They are now on tap at the Mittagong RSL Club, the Hunger Therapy restaurant and the Imperial Hotel in Bowral, and soon to be in a number of other local venues.

I’m particularly excited to try their special Anzac Beer which will be available from next Wednesday. Deb tells me that Jacob put together the recipe for a big vat of the brew and then chucked in 400 Anzac Biscuits to give it a special taste for the occasion. Jacob told me today that he thinks it’s going to be really good. If it’s anywhere near as good as the Irish Stout he made for Paddy’s Day then I reckon I’m going to love it. It will also be on tap at the RSL Club for Anzac Day and available at the brewery at 1/19 Cavendish St, Mittagong. If you haven’t been yet and you like beer then do yourself a favour… they’re open Wed to Sunday, 12-8pm.

Cheers! Andy

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