Aug 16, 2019: Two Projects Finished and Sustainable House Day Coming Up.

It’s been an intensely busy few weeks for us both here at the Greeny Flat and up in Queensland. A week ago today we put the finishing touches on the house we’ve been building on Russell Island. Then we jumped in the PHEV and headed south again to finish some upgrades to the interior of the Greeny Flat.

We’ve already posted a video of the finished interior of the Russell Island house. You can find that here. A lot of the work we did on the last trip was on the exterior. Things like building fences, driveways and garden beds along with some finishing touches to the interior like putting in shelves and shower screens. I’ve just uploaded another short video to YouTube showing the finished exterior and you can find it below.

Meanwhile, back in Mittagong,  the tenants have just moved out of the main house next to the Greeny Flat so we will taking the opportunity to complete the renovations to the interior of that house. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing the Energy Retrofit work that we have already done on the exterior of the house and I will be posting some more as we progress with the interior.

While we’re doing that some friends will be renting the Greeny Flat so this week we’ve been pushing to complete some upgrades to the interior and get the place ready to rent. There are plenty of photos of the exterior on this website already and I’ve also just uploaded a short video showing the finished interior which you can find below.

We’re really happy with how it has turned out and if you would like to come and see it for yourself we’ll be open again for Sustainable House Day on Sunday, September 15th from 10am-4pm.

Hope to see you there.

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