July 12, 2019: The Beauty of Bamboo

This week Cintia and I have been putting the finishing touches on the house we’re building on Russell Island. It’s great fun seeing it all come together after so much planning and hard work. We’re particularly happy with our choice of colours and materials… I say colours but basically everything is white with wood accents.


July 5, 2019: Back To Russell Island

Anyone who’s been following our Newsletter for more than six months will know that Cintia and I have been building a house on Russell Island in Queensland. It was the price of land and the proximity to Brisbane that led us here in the first place and we’ve found it to be a peaceful and […]

June 28, 2019: Kitchen Upgrade

When we first built the Greeny Flat we weren’t exactly sure how we wanted to finish the base cabinets for the kitchen. So we finished the upper cabinets and put some temporary cabinets under the counter top. We used a mixed bunch of oddments picked up from second-hand shops including a couple of old filing […]

June 21, 2019: What’s Your 2040?

Happy Winter Solstice Australia! (or for our readers in the Northern Hemisphere – Happy Summer Solstice!)

If you’re thinking of building a house, renovating or adding to the one you have (or putting solar panels on your roof) this weekend is a great opportunity to check how much sun you will get at the worst […]

May 24, 2019: Public Meeting in Bowral on Friday 31st of May

With apologies to our readers who don’t live in the Southern Highlands, I need to write a bit more about our local council’s proposal to take a lot of money from the Environment Levy and give it to a proposed Regional Art Gallery.

The Environment Levy is something that is charged to all ratepayers in […]

April 12, 2019: The Economics of Granny Flats

People have various reasons for wanting to build a granny flat. Some families need to care for an aging relative. Others need a separate and private space for a teenager or young adult. Still others might be planning for a time after their kids have flown the nest and thinking about down-sizing. Today I’d like […]

Feb 20, 2019: Russell Island Home Tour

Hello again. This will be a very brief Newsletter this week just to let you know that we have posted a little video home tour of our Russell Island project on YouTube at the following link.

We had our final inspection last week and, as far as we know, it’s all passed and good […]

Feb 8, 2019: Russell Island Nearly Finished

Our Russell Island project is coming along nicely. In fact we’ve scheduled our final inspection for Wednesday next week. The plumber came yesterday so now we have running water and a functioning toilet. No hot water yet because the electrician still has to power up the hot water system.

Meanwhile we’ve finished the kitchen…

Jan 25, 2019: Progress and Other Good Stuff

Hello again, it’s been a productive week here on Russell Island. We’re solidly into the finishing stages of the house and it’s exciting and rewarding seeing it come together. So far we’re very happy with the design and materials we’ve chosen.

I could have done the tiling but we’ve got too many other things to […]

Jan 18, 2019: New Leaf and Progress Photos

Long-time readers may recall my good friend Daniel Jones and his work with Repower Shoalhaven. Daniel has recently moved to Maui and deserves two lots of congratulations. Firstly for his marriage to the lovely Kari, and secondly for their purchase of a Nissan Leaf to get around the island.

Daniel and Kari with their […]