Dec 7, 2014: $41 Energy Bill for last three months

Back in September I posted an article in our Newsletter about our energy bill for the first three months of the Greeny Flat experiment. At that point I was pretty stoked about the fact that our entire energy cost for the first 91 days totaled $89.51 (or $0.98c/day) and that was for the three months of winter.

Well I just received our energy bill for spring and it’s pretty amazing (even if I say so myself). Our entire energy cost for the last three months (89 days to be precise) came to $41.21 which works out to $0.46c/day. That’s 46 cents per day to run our entire house!

Greeny Flat energy bill for Sept, Oct, and November.

Greeny Flat energy bill for Sept, Oct, and November.

On the left hand side of the bill above it shows that we ‘used’ 267kWh over the three month period. This is not entirely true. What it should say is that we imported 267kWh from the grid. We actually used a bit more than that because some of the power that we used came directly from our solar power system and did not pass through the meter. Nevertheless 267kWh compares VERY favourably with other homes in our area with two people which drew an average of 1,272kWh from the grid over the same time period. In other words we took less than a quarter of the amount of electricity from the grid than a comparable average house.

The other thing that I am pretty excited about is the amount of energy that we exported to the grid over the same time period. If you look at the second page of our electricity bill (see below) you’ll see that we received a credit of $96.24 for the energy that we exported to the grid (circled in green). In total we exported 1203kWh over the three months which is four and half times as much energy as we imported. And even though we are paying 22.74c/kWh for the energy we import and only getting 8c/kWh for what we export we still made $96.24 worth of energy and only paid $60.72 for the electricity we used (circled in red). So the whole $41.21 of our bill for the last three months went to paying the ‘Supply Charges’ that we have to pay for being connected to the grid.

AGL bill Dec 2

Adding the figures from our last bill to this one we find that for the first 180 days of the Greeny Flat experiment we have paid a total of $130.72 for the energy we have used which works out to $0.73c/day. In total we have put into the grid nearly three times as much energy as we have taken from it. To me this is REALLY exciting because I think what we’re proving is that there’s no reason why every house, if not every building in Australia, shouldn’t be able to make more energy than it uses.

The other thing that’s been pretty exciting around here lately is the weather. It’s been like living in the tropics during monsoon season with warm, sunny days ending in tremendous thunder storms every evening. Our veggies are growing very nicely and our water tank is full. We’ve had so much lightning that I’ve even been able to take some pictures of it (see below) and it looks like this weather pattern is going to continue for at least another week… pity we can’t harvest all that extra energy.

Storm 1

Storm 5

Storm 4

Storm 3


Storm 2

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