Feb 14th, 2016: Gotta Love These Little Houses

Well it’s Valentine’s Day. I’ll let Cintia choose whether I cook her dinner or we go out to a restaurant… either way this will have to be a quick Newsletter so I thought I’d share a couple of exciting little houses that readers have told me about.

Now THIS Is Affordable Housing!

Modular 5-star

Modular 5-star TransPack Granny Flat

Back in September 2014 Domain.com.au ran an article about Granny Flats for under $10,000. The company is called TransPack and they claim that their modular cabins

  • Are built in China and shipped in a container
  • Take four hours to assemble
  • Have a 5-star energy efficiency rating
  • Are cyclone proof
  • Meet all Australian building standards
  • And can cost as little as $10,000.

A quick check of TransPack’s website┬áreveals that prices have gone up due to the fall in the Australian dollar since 2014 however they are still offering a 15sqm, one-bedrooom, one bathroom cabin for $14,800 and a 60sqm, two bedroom, one bathroom home for $49,900. I haven’t checked whether those prices are all inclusive or what other costs might be expected. But for anyone looking for a VERY low-cost option for a granny flat or small home (assuming you don’t have philosophical objections to buying a home that is made in China and shipped halfway around the world at who-knows-what environmental cost) TansPack might be something to consider.

18 sqm of Design Excellence

Tiny on the outside but this little beauty is big on the inside.

Tiny on the outside but this little beauty is big on the inside.

This wonderful little house design comes via a website called brightside.me. Designed by American architect, Chris Heininge, this is the best tiny house design that I have seen yet. At only 18 sqm it is less than a third the size of the Greeny Flat yet it manages to comfortably fit a kitchen, living room, bathroom (with jacuzzi) and loft bedroom.

Masterful design and efficient use of space

Masterful design and efficient use of space

For anyone interested in efficient use of space it is well worth checking out this article that shows more pictures of the house as well as floor plans. I particularly like the way the roof can be removed so that the whole house can easily be transported. It’s the idea to turn the gable roof 90 degrees from your typical little cabin roof that creates the space necessary for the loft bedroom to function. It’s beautifully conceived, planned and built and we love it!

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  • Colin baker

    Could you email me a plan of your loft flat and the price to Sydney. Do they comply with Australian standards and if so, do you have an agent in Australia ?
    Our company makes kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes, wet bars and day beds.
    Await your advises.
    Col Baker
    0429 669908

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