Feb 3, 2017: Episode 11 – How To Make a Solar Air Heating Wall

This week we present Episode 11 in our series of short videos about the energy retrofit of the old fibro cottage next to the Greeny Flat. In Episode 10 we explained the reasons why we are turning the whole north wall of the cottage into a Solar Air Heater. In today’s episode we show how.

This completes Stage 1 of the retrofit so we’ll be leaving the videos for the moment and will return with more when we are ready to start on Stage 2.

Energy Performance and Resale Value

In our Newsletter on January 13th I wrote about an excellent website called liveability.com.au which is aiming to move sustainability and energy efficiency into the mainstream of Australian building and  housing development by training real estate agents to recognise and value features like Passive Solar Design and Renewable Energy Systems. In turn, real estate agents will educate home buyers and sellers about the potential for increasing resale value by making energy upgrades to homes that will also reduce running costs and improve occupant comfort.

The beauty of this approach is that, if people can see that it is in their own best interest to make changes to their homes that will reduce running costs, improve comfort and increase resale value, they are much more likely to do those things that also happen to reduce fossil fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions… even if that’s not their intention.

Along those lines I was encouraged this week to see these two articles from the Energy Matters Newsletter that point to solar power and energy efficiency being factors that can improve home values. As noted in the first of the following two articles…

An earlier survey (2014) showed 85% of respondents believed installing solar panels added to a home’s value.’





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