HOME ENERGY RETROFIT – Information and Videos

In September 2016, after two and half years of living in the Greeny Flat, we decided it was time to see if we could apply the same principles of energy-efficiency, cost-effectiveness, low-maintenance, durability, fire resistance and water conservation to the old fibro cottage at the front of the property.

Rather than write too much about the process we decided to try making a series of short YouTube videos describing this Energy Retrofit project.

Please click on the images below to view each of the videos.

Episode 1 – describes the overall project, the removal of the asbestos fibro wall cladding and the start of insulating and wrapping the exterior walls with sarking.

Episode 2 – shows us continuing the insulation and sarking and working to get the laundry back in operation

Episode 3 – after getting a pest inspection we have to figure out how to get more ventilation to the under-floor area

Episode 4 – shows how we are lining the eaves with stained plywood and installing plenty of ventilation for the attic

Episode 5 – shows us taking out some of the old windows and replacing them with new ones.

Episode 6 – shows how we install metal flashings around the new windows and at the top and bottom of the walls then start cladding the walls with corrugated iron.

Episode 7 – shows us making some of the north facing windows bigger to let in more winter sun. This involves completely removing the old window and in some cases cutting new holes in the walls.

Episode 8 – takes a step back to look at how Passive Solar Design works, how it can be applied to a retrofit project and some of the challenges that arise when dealing with an existing building.

Episode 9 (short version) – shows (briefly) how we’re using the old chimney in the house to create a small Trombe Wall to make up for the fact that the house has very little Thermal Mass.

Episode 9 (full version) – includes a more detailed explanation of how Passive Solar Design works, why Thermal Mass is important, why it is lacking in the old cottage and what we can do about it.

Episode 10 – explains why we’re turning the whole north wall of the cottage into a solar air heating panel.

Episode 11 – shows how we’re turning the whole north wall of the cottage into a solar air heating panel.

Episode 12 – shows us replacing the underground sewer lines on the west side of the house in preparation for a new deck and shade awning