Jan 20, 2017: Episode 10 – Why Build a Solar Air Heating Wall?

After a bit of a break over the holiday season we’re back in action on the Energy Retrofit of the old fibro cottage next to the Greeny Flat. This week we present the tenth in our series of short videos about the project. In our last episode we showed how we converted the old brick chimney into a small Trombe Wall to help store some solar heat in winter. In this week’s episode we explain why we are making the entire north wall of the cottage into a solar air heating panel.

To summarise, it’s a way to compensate for a lack of north-facing glass (please remember we’re in the Southern Hemisphere so everything is turned around for our Northern Hemisphere readers who should be thinking of it as south-facing glass) and to bring in plenty of pre-heated fresh air to maintain good indoor air quality in winter.

Thanks for watching. In our next episode we will demonstrate the details of how we put the whole thing together.

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