Jan 24, 2020: Back To Work

In last week’s Newsletter we focused on the fire threat that has been hanging over our lives for the last couple of months. Since then we’ve had more bad days and more nights with a house full of evacuees. We’ve also had some nice rain and some cooler weather which has greatly reduced the fire danger. Other areas not far away have had severe storms and torrential rain and my sister’s house in Canberra was hit by a severe hail storm which caved in her skylight and flooded her living room ceiling.  Meanwhile, on the same day in fact, the western part of the state was subjected to a massive dust storm. So we’re getting hit with extremes of everything which is exactly what the climate scientists have been predicting.

The last week has been a bit cooler and calmer and they’re predicting more of the same for next week. So we’ve been able to relax a bit and think about getting back to work on the house renovations. We’ve got most of the floor laid and most of the kitchen completed (see photos below). Once the new kitchen is up and running we’ll be able to remove part of the old kitchen and frame in a small powder room to provide the house with a second toilet next to the back door. That will complete most of the interior renovation work leaving us with a bit more to do on the outside such as installing another rainwater tank and pump and redoing the fencing and landscaping along the north side of the house.

The new kitchen almost completed

The new kitchen almost completed

My favourite detail of the new kitchen are these lovely old, art-deco cabinet handles which we are reusing from the old kitchen.

My favourite detail of the new kitchen are these lovely old, chrome-and-bakelite, art-deco cabinet handles which we have salvaged and reused from the old kitchen.

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