July 13, 2018: Project Progress

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, Cintia and I are up in Queensland working on an affordable housing project… by that I mean we’re trying to build a house that we can afford because we certainly can’t afford one in the Southern Highlands.

We found a wonderful place called Russell Island with cheap land, a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and easy access to Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Now, after typical delays with councils, permits, etc, we’ve started building.

We were greatly blessed this week with an unexpected visit from our good friends Glenn and Lee Robinson from Bundanoon who popped over from the mainland in their campervan and very kindly gave us a hand for a couple of days. It was great to have their help and fun to show some friends around the island. Thanks guys!

We’ve also been closely supervised by the strangest and most enigmatic of the island’s residents, the Curlews.

Cintia working on the floor framing with the help of a couple of Curlews.

Cintia working on the floor framing with the help of a couple of Curlews.

They really are odd creatures. These two spent a whole afternoon hanging around Cintia’s feet, apparently completely un-phased by our power tools and hammerings, and hissing at me every time I got too close. They sneak up on you and stare at you with unblinking eyes which is a bit creepy at first but we’re getting used to them… and they to us apparently. At night they make very loud and mournful moaning and wailing noises which would completely freak you out if you didn’t know what it was. All in all they’re a mysterious and constant presence which takes a little getting used to but we’re growing to like it and feel like it’s part of the Russell Island Experience.

Today we finished the floor framing which is all made of LVL’s (Laminated Veneer Lumber) bolted to steel ‘stumps’ set in concrete. Our trusses and frames are due on Thursday next week. That gives us a few days to fill in so we might lay the deck if the weather stays nice. We also have to lay the particle board flooring but I want to wait until the day before the frames come so it’s not out in the weather any longer than necessary.

Photo taken this afternoon of the floor framing completed.

Photo taken this afternoon of the floor framing completed.

That’s the progress so far. Thanks for reading… we’ll keep you posted.

1 comment to July 13, 2018: Project Progress

  • James Bresnahan

    Looks great Andy…you and C are definitely a go too team..checked it out on the net and it looks like a beautiful place…best of luck with the build..
    Talk soon

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