July 4, 2014: Energy Independence Day!

Well, ok, so we’re not exactly energy independent but for the second month in a row we did make about twice as much energy as we have used in the Greeny Flat.

Click here to view the Results page which shows the monthly and accumulated results of our little experiment. You’ll see that for the month of June we exported 237kWh of electricity to the grid for the month and only imported 101kWh from the grid. These results were helped by the fact that Andy was away for about three weeks during this monitoring period so there was only one person in the house but we’re very happy with it anyway.

We also did very well with water using about three times as much tank water as town water in spite of the fact that it has been relatively dry.

And things stayed pretty comfortable (between 14 and 26 degrees C) in the Greeny Flat despite it getting down to almost zero outside. I think Cintia might have had to turn on a little radiator a couple of times while I was away but we’re basically operating without a heating system (other than good Passive Solar Design).

So things are progressing very nicely and looking very promising for an Energy Positive year.

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