Jun 25, 2021: Cheap and Simple EV

I got drive my first Tesla yesterday and all I can say is… WOW!!!

My good friend Noel who owns and runs the Merchant of Welby Antique shop put his name on the waiting list for a Model 3 over a year ago and finally picked it up yesterday morning.

Noel's new Tesla Model 3

Noel’s new Tesla Model 3

Needless to say, Noel’s pretty happy with it and he must really trust me, because he let me have a drive when he got it home. There are lots and lots of professional reviews of the Model 3 on the internet so I won’t bore you with too much detail. Suffice to say that the acceleration and handling are extraordinary, the interior is clean and crisp and unlike any car I’ve been in before and it’s a real pleasure to drive. Some of the reviews I’ve seen call it ‘the best car ever made’ and I can easily see why.

BUT… it did cost nearly $70,000.

Noel is of Scottish descent so I was surprised that he was capable of opening his wallet that far. I am mostly of English descent but I think I might the bigger miser. In the video below you’ll see the Electric Car that I would buy if it were to become available in Australia.

Cheap, simple, practical, does the job…. you wouldn’t take it on a long trip but for running around town… I like it!

p.s. If you like beautiful Australian antiques and would like to support someone who has made major efforts to make his business more sustainable then I highly recommend a visit to the Merchant of Welby (and I didn’t even have to promise to give him a plug in order to get a drive of his Tesla!).

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