Nov 5, 2021: The Times They Are A-Changing

I’ve been working on, and advocating for, energy efficient and sustainable buildings, developments, communities and lifestyles for about 35 years now. For most of that time I’ve felt like I’ve been beating my head against a wall. But, finally, just in the last six months, it feels like something has shifted and the wall is starting to crumble. I guess if enough people beat their heads against a wall for long enough it will eventually give way and now we have both Rupert Murdoch AND the “Coal Man”, Scott Morrison talking about the need to take action to protect against climate change… what is the world coming to??? It’s senses???

Here is a link to an encouraging article from the ABC about how easy and cost-effective it can be to make an existing house energy positive.

Image source: ‘Insulation can reduce energy costs far more effectively than solar panels.(Getty: Monty Rakusen)’

And here are some nice quotes from the article

Having a net-zero house always seemed so impossible — it seemed that we’d have to make big lifestyle sacrifices

‘Their house’s energy needs are now effectively “net zero”…The transition has cost them about $12,000 and this is entirely offset by the savings from a discounted interest rate on their home loan.’

‘In the south-west Melbourne suburb of Altona North, Mirvac is building a “net-zero energy” housing estate named The Fabric… The fully electric homes here have a minimum 7-star energy rating, at least 3.8kW rooftop solar, and battery storage…. And demand is high: all the homes from the first stage have been sold, and the next stages have been brought forward ahead of schedule…I would think that this would become a standard offering within the very near future.’

People told me there would be no demand for energy-efficient homes and now we have 40 lots left and 13,000 people interested

‘They’re requiring zero-energy houses for new residential dwellings across the EU’ 

There are also calls for a national retrofit program, similar to the EU’s “renovation wave strategy”, which aims to improve the energy performance of tens of millions of existing buildings by 2030.

There’s mounting evidence that, in most of Australia at least, it is easy and cost-effective to make both existing and new homes energy positive. We have done it here with both the Greeny Flat and the old fibro cottage next door, and the time is fast approaching when every home in the country is comfortable and healthy and produces more energy than it uses.

The times they are a-changing… bring it on!

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