Sept 16, 2018: Greeny Flat Testimonial.

For the last three months, while we’ve been up in Queensland working on our affordable housing project, we’ve had a lovely woman named Brenda renting and living in the Greeny Flat. She moved out at the end of August and sent me the following email about her stay. This was Brenda’s first experience with a small, passive solar and here’s what she had to say about it:

Dear Andy

I thoroughly enjoyed spending the 2018 winter in your lovely Greeny Flat, so snug and warm!

The happy north facing aspect made going home a pleasure. The excellent design, build and use of insulation made a remarkable difference, as I soon found out moving from there to an older home.

I also enjoyed first-hand experience of the solar system and learned a lot about my own electricity usage. Having the monitor showing the positive or negative grid power usage was informative as well as motivating. It made me aware of my choices and gave me practical knowledge instead of the theory I had up until now, only read about. I wish more people could have the opportunity to learn and experience how the house “works”. I hope one day to be able to stay in my own version of The Greeny Flat.

Best wishes for many more builds,


Thanks very much Brenda. Cintia and I love living in the Greeny Flat and we were curious to know if someone else would enjoy it as much as we do. It’s great to know that we’re not the only ones who can appreciate its cozy warmth and what it teaches us about living more sustainably.

Queensland Lock-up

As mentioned in last week’s Newsletter, our present visit to Queensland is drawing to a close. In fact Cintia is already home at the Greeny Flat and I’m due to start heading home in a week.

During the last week we’ve completed most of the exterior cladding and installed a water-resistant type of gyprock on the ceiling above the deck and carport.

Water-resistant gyprock installed on the ceiling of the deck and carport area.

Water-resistant gyprock installed on the ceiling of the deck and carport area.

Without this gyprock we wouldn’t have been able to properly lock the house while we’re away because anyone could have climbed over the walls. Now we can leave the place safe and secure until we’re ready to come back and, hopefully, finish the build.

Also last week we had our 3kW solar system installed and completed the gutters and downpipes.

Our new 3kW solar power system.

Our new 3kW solar power system.

I’m very happy with how it all looks but the solar is not operating yet because we haven’t got the power connected yet. Hopefully that will happen this week so I’ll be able to check that the solar is working properly before I go. We’re also getting the septic system installed this week, laying the stormwater pipes out to the street, and putting the finishing touches on the exterior cladding.

And that will be all we have time for on this trip.

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