Sept 22, 2014: Great Day for Renewable Energy

Today marks the end of our fifth month of monitoring the Greeny Flat and we continue to produce well over twice as much energy as we are using. But that’s not what makes this a really great day for renewable energy around the planet… the GREAT thing that happened today is that the Rockefeller family announced today that they are going to divest themselves of all fossil fuel investments. This from one of the richest families in the world who made their fortune in the early days of the oil business. Today they declared that they had both moral and economic reasons for moving their capital out of investments that contribute to global warming and into clean energy and renewables.

Click here to read the story from The New York Times.

Meanwhile, at the Greeny Flat, we had another excellent month of producing lots more energy than we used. As you can see from our Results table, not only did we make the most energy of the first five months (326kWh) but we also used the most (146kWh). I’m not quite sure why this is but the important thing that we’re still making loads more than we’re using. On the water side of things we had an amazing month due to excellent and repeated rainfalls at the beginning of the month. We actually used no town water at all for the whole month and 7209 litres of tank water. The tank is starting get pretty low again but there’s more rain predicted on Thursday.

The outdoor temperature ranged from 0.8C up to 23.4C while the indoor temp stayed between 14C and 23.9C. So we stayed pretty comfortable with no additional heating other than the sun and good Passive Solar Design.

I have posted a series of short articles outlining the basic principles of Passive Solar Design at the following link…

Click here to read more about Passive Solar Design.

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