Sept 22, 2017: Time to Load Up On Solar

Hello again, and Happy Spring Equinox . This is going to be a VERY quick Newsletter this week. I’m back in Missoula and hard at work on the renovations to Sam’s house so time is short. We had a wonderful drive back from the ranch in Eastern Montana after some cooler weather and much-welcome rain. The skies were clear and there was snow on the mountains which is when Montana is at its most beautiful.

For this week I would just like to share three quick things with you.

Put As Much Solar On Your Roof As You Can

How much solar can you fit on your roof?

How much solar can you fit on your roof?

The recent increases in both the cost of grid power and the Feed-in Tariffs being offered for solar power going out to the grid mean that it makes good financial sense to put as much solar on your roof as you possibly can. This can be limited by how much money you have to invest, by the size of your roof and by limits that might be placed on your system by your energy provider. But, in general, it’s a good idea to go big.

This article from Solar Quotes looks in detail at the financial returns for solar in each of Australia’s capital cities and

‘Over a 10 year period, Hobart is the only capital where households are better off using their money to pay off their mortgages faster or where they will save money by not borrowing at 5% to invest in rooftop solar.  But everywhere else in Australia a large rooftop solar system is worthwhile’.

This article is well worth reading for anyone who a) is thinking about installing solar or adding to an existing solar system or b) has money to invest.

Electric Bus Goes 1772 kms On a Single Charge

The world record breaking Proterra electric bus

The world record breaking Proterra electric bus

Since I’ve been in Montana I’ve written a couple of times about the electric buses that the University of Montana is now using to ferry students around Missoula. But this New Atlas article reports about an electric bus that has taken things to a whole new level. The Proterra Catalyst bus shown in the image above has recently broken the world record for distance covered by an electric vehicle on a single charge by going 1772 km (1101 mi). Wow! The electric vehicle revolution is picking up steam.

Adaptive Reuse At It’s Very Best



This is pretty self explanatory but what is not immediately obvious is that, once your done BBQing, the beers all gone and the ice is melted you just have to flush and the fire’s out. Brilliant!

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