Sept 6, 2019: Sustainable House Day 2019 next weekend.

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Click on the image above to visit the SHD website.

Just a quick note this week to remind all our readers that Sustainable House Day is here again. This year it’s on Sunday, September 15th. As usual the Greeny Flat will be open from 10am to 4pm. Naturally all our readers are most welcome to come along and say hello. For those who won’t be in our area on the day, you can sign up on the Sustainable House Day website and find out what’s happening in your part of Australia.

Because we usually open the Greeny Flat on Sustainable House Day we never get to go and see the other houses that are open in our area. This quick search on the SHD website shows there are 6 homes open this year within 50km of Mittagong so if you’re planning to visit us, you might like to go along to a few of the others as well.

We hope to see you here and, if not, we hope you have a wonderful day wherever you are.

Cheers, Andy and Cintia

1 comment to Sept 6, 2019: Sustainable House Day 2019 next weekend.

  • Victoria Halliday

    I love your website and think you are wonderful with your “green” building. If my Aunty Dot were alive, she would have loved your website. She was a recycler and a greenie for most of her life. 1919 – 2009. She even fulfilled the last bit of recycling she could do by leaving her body to the Armidale Medical School!!

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