August 23, 2015: Back in Brazil

A happy man in Brazil... beautiful lady, cold beer, Futbol and endless meat on a stick!

A happy man in Brazil… beautiful lady, cold beer, Futbol and endless meat on a stick!

I’m back in Brazil now with my lovely partner Cintia and her family. This week we celebrated her father’s 70th birthday in fine Brazilian style. On the actual day we went out to an all-you-can-eat Churrascaria which was amazing. We helped ourselves to the massive salad bar, then an endless stream of waiters came to our table with swords stuck through various forms of BBQed meat which they proceeded to carve directly onto our plates. It was quite difficult to get them to stop. Needless to say we ate way too much deliciousness.

Perhaps my favourite part of the whole trip so far was watching Cintia’s 94 year old Grandmother play croquet with her 90 year old friends. It was a tightly fought contest with lots of viciousness and spite (as befits any good croquet game) and ended perfectly with Cintia’s grandma making the winning shot.

Today we had the big family gathering for Toshio’s 70th at an all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant. I’m starting to realise this a favourite thing amongst Brazilians, this eat-till-you-explode type of celebration. Not that I’m complaining, the sushi and fish was absolutely delicious and I have conveniently shelved my aversion to over-consumption for a day or two.

Tomorrow we begin the journey home via Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires and Santiago. First stop at a ranch where Cintia’s uncle breeds a uniquely Brazilian type of horse that reportedly has a wonderful smooth and fast walk that can carry a rider a long way with speed and comfort. Sounds interesting. I’ll know more about it tomorrow.

A Little Reader Feedback

In our Newsletter a couple of weeks ago I wrote a bit about my internal conflict over travelling around the world in jet planes emitting tons of CO2. Ray, a regular reader, made the following comment about this which I thought was worth sharing:

‘Tks for being up front re Flying & Carbon-Earth damage.
In my humble biased outlook I heavily discount all ‘climate
warriors’ that jet-off at every opportunity, especially the
wanky “meeting” trips that could be held on a simple video
link. I am well aware that these ‘trips’ are cover for everything
from new shoes to extra amour side dishes.’

I’ll get back to writing more about sustainable building when I get home. Ciao!

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