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Andy Lemann

has a degree in Architecture and 25 years experience designing and building passive solar, energy efficient, and sustainable buildings. During a 20-year stint in the USA, Andy was a LEED-accredited professional with the US Green Building Council and a Certified Building Analyst with the Building Performance Institute.

We offer consulting services in relation to sustainable building and design. We are not licensed architects or builders. If you are interested in environmentally sustainable building design and construction or if you are thinking about starting a project or already have one underway there are many possible ways that we might be able to help you including, but not limited to:

New buildings

Site selection

Choosing the right site is critical to maximising energy efficiency. We can help you to find the right site or to make the best use of the one you already have.

Passive Solar Design

We can help you to develop a strong conceptual design that will use the sun to keep your building warm in winter and cool in summer making it much easier to maximise energy efficiency and minimise costs. Once the overall concept is right then the details are much easier to resolve.

Design Development

We can work with your architect or draftsman to assist with maximising the energy and environmental performance of your project.


We can help provide the information or reassurance your local council needs in relation to the sustainability aspects of the design in order for them to permit your project.

Construction advice/training/supervision

We can help you to find or choose a builder and/or to provide advice, training or supervision on the specifics of energy efficient construction either by phone/internet or by making periodic trips to the site.

Operations and maintenance

We can provide you with advice and training on how to operate and maintain the home once it is finished in order to maximise health, safety, comfort, durability, and energy efficiency.

Existing buildings

Building Assessment

We can examine your existing building with a view to improving the health, safety, comfort, durability, and energy performance.


Based on the Building Assessment we can recommend a range of possible improvements based on a cost/benefit analysis.


We can help you to find the right people to implement our recommendations and ensure that the work is done correctly.

If any of the above is of interest please Contact Us and we can discuss the details in more depth.

We would be honoured to work with you to create a beautiful, comfortable, and cost-effective home for you and your family or sustainable building for any purpose.