April 17, 2016: Gimme Three Reasons

We always enjoy getting feedback from our readers, especially when it comes from good friends like Judith and Paul Collins. I wrote about our visit to Paul and Judy’s wonderful Permaculture Farm called ‘The Keep‘ way back in our Newsletter from June last year. At the time I commented on the incredible job that the Collins’ had done transforming a neglected bit of property near Buxton into an astonishingly productive Food Forest in just five years. Judith and Paul are a delightful couple and I HIGHLY recommend a visit to The Keep for anyone interested in sustainability, organic food, natural medicine and good old-fashioned common sense.

Judith and Paul Collins, owners and creators of 'The Keep' in Buxton, NSW.

Judith and Paul Collins, owners and creators of ‘The Keep’ in Buxton, NSW.

Over the last few months I’ve written a lot about alternative transportation options, electric vehicles and interesting new inventions for getting around. This recently drew following comment from Judith…

‘We have looked at electric cars. Being self-sufficient however, our vehicles are selected as workhorses. And to that we apply the three reasons for driving out the gate. Vehicles are carrying loads of animal feed, hardware materials. etc.   It often means that a vehicle many only leave the property once or twice a week. If everyone applied the ‘three reason’ principle it would help the environment a great deal.  I have a neighbour who darts in and out several times a day. if she organised herself better she could cut her ‘drive outs’ by half.’
What she means is that they won’t even drive out the gate unless they have three good reasons for using the car (or ute). This is an extension of one of the guiding principles of Permaculture which recommends that every element in a productive system have at least three uses. This is a great way to maximise productivity and minimise waste. Judy’s comment is also a great reminder that the first rule of living more sustainably is to ‘Reduce’.
It is no accident that ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ is written in that order. The first and most important thing to do is to reduce our resource consumption, reduce our waste, reduce our energy use, reduce the size of our houses, reduce our transportation requirements, etc, etc, etc. Once we do that it becomes much, much easier to meet our needs in more sustainable ways. I like to say that the way to have everything you need in life is to not need very much.
We are so incredibly lucky to be living the way we do in this beautiful, peaceful place. In return I think it is beholden on us to be careful with what we have, to not be wasteful and to be thankful for all our countless blessings. One of which is the support and encouragement of all our wonderful friends so we hope you can join us our Second Earth Day Party on Friday evening and give us the chance to show our gratitude.

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