Jan 29, 2021: Our House on the ABC

Last week we had another visit from Justin Huntsdale from ABC Illawarra. Justin has been to see the Greeny Flat a few times over the years and produced some excellent articles and videos about the project (see previous Newsletters here and here). This time he came to see the completed Energy Retrofit of the old fibro cottage next to the Greeny Flat. And this time he brought a new toy with him in the form of a drone which he flew over the house to shoot some video from the air.

Our fibro cottage energy retrofit as seen from Justin's drone.

Our fibro cottage energy retrofit as seen from Justin’s drone. (source: abc.net.au)

Here’s a link to the article Justin posted on the ABC website including a short video about the retrofit project.


We always enjoy Justin’s visits. Apart from being an excellent writer, photographer, videographer and drone pilot he has a broad range of skills and interests including performing as a solo singer/guitar player and in musical theatre productions in the Wollongong area. We really appreciate Justin’s continued interest in our work here and the support he has shown in helping to spread the word about the possibilities for energy-positive homes.

So thank you very much Justin Huntsdale.

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