Oct 14, 2021: Sustainable House Day is Back… virtually

Interview with Geraldine Doogue airs Saturday

Today I had the honour of being interviewed by award-winning journalist, Geraldine Doogue, for a piece she is doing about the Glascow Climate Summit. Apparently it will air on ABC Radio National on Saturday morning at around 7:40am (Sydney time) for anyone who can be bothered getting up. It should also be available as a podcast soon after it airs (I’ll post the link when I have it).

Sustainable House Day 2021

Image Source: sustainablehouseday.com

Sunday October 17th is Sustainable House Day (SHD) for this year.

The Greeny Flat has been part of SHD since 2014 and this year we have two entries, The Greeny Flat and our Fibro Cottage Deep Energy Retrofit project.

Due to Covid restrictions SHD will be an entirely online event this year. And I actually think that’s great because we can all get to see video tours of homes all over the country that we wouldn’t be able to get to for an open house. There are over a hundred homes on display on the SHD website. (In order to view them I think you have to create an online account but it is free and easy to do so). Most of them have a video tour along with a lot of detailed written information. There is a ton of good stuff here for anyone interested in building sustainable homes and communities. You can even submit questions to the home owners themselves.

Here are links to the listings for THE GREENY FLAT and the FIBRO COTTAGE DEEP ENERGY RETROFIT (although you might need to be signed in to the SHD website for these links to work).

I’ve been having a look at some of the other homes (another thing I wasn’t able to do when it was an open house event) and here is a link to my favourite so far – HARMONY HOUSE (the video for this one is well worth a look).

There is also a whole day’s worth of free online sessions. Click this link to the view the SHD SESSION PROGRAM

I will be a panelist for the Owner Building session at 11am in case your interested. Personally, I’ll be watching the next session at 12pm about Creating Sustainable Communities because a) I’m interested and b) the panel includes Jo Theirfelder from Witchcliffe Ecovillage.

Witchcliffe Ecovillage – possibly the most sustainable housing development ever

If you have about forty minutes to spare I HIGHLY recommend that you watch the following video about the Witchcliffe Ecovillage. If you’re interested in sustainability it will blow your mind what they are doing. It’s what every housing development should be (but none are)…. truly inspiring!

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