Dec 28, 2018: Russell Island house progress.

Cintia and I are really enjoying being back on Russell Island as we work on completing the house we started back in June (see previous Newsletters here if you don’t know what I’m talking about). We were a bit worried that summer in Moreton Bay might be very hot, humid and infested with mosquitoes and midgies. But we’re finding the climate here to be very pleasant and not too buggy at all.

Yesterday we took the PHEV over to Australia to do some shopping. It costs about $100 for a round trip on the barge so we try to make the most of it.

About as much as you can fit in an Outlander PHEV

About as much as you can fit in an Outlander PHEV

As you can see, we had her pretty well loaded up. In fact, there is a whole Kaboodle kitchen in there plus some extra stuff on the roof-racks. It must have all weighed about three-quarters of a tonne but the trusty PHEV handled it with no trouble at all.

So now we have all our doors, skirting, architraves and kitchen cabinets rounded up and delivered to the island and we’ve got lots of work to do. We’ve finished painting the walls and ceilings with low-VOC paints.

Plenty of work ahead of us.

Plenty of work ahead of us.

Today Cintia started painting the door frames and I started putting together and installing the kitchen cabinets. I’ve put a lot of Ikea kitchens together before but this is my first Kaboodle. So far I’m pretty impressed. The cabinets are more solidly built than Ikea’s and they’re slightly shallower which works well for us because we bought a whole lot of laminated bamboo panels (you can see them stacked in the middle of the room) to use as our benchtops among other things. These are only 600mm wide so they will fit nicely on the Kaboodle cabinets which are 560mm deep (580mm once the doors are on). I can’t wait to see how it all looks with the bamboo counters and bamboo floor that we should be getting delivered next week.

I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy New Year’s Eve and have a prosperous and productive 2019.

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