August 4, 2017: Going to Montana

Actually, we’re already in Montana. Cintia and I have come over for a while to help my son, Sam, renovate his house.

This will be a very quick Newsletter this week because there’s free music in the park by the river this evening. Missoula’s a great town for good music and free community events so we’re planning to make the most of it.

Sam and I spent the day measuring up and discussing what he and his partner would like to do with the house and what their priorities are. As you’ll be able to tell from the photos below, the house has plenty of room for improvement. It’s a bit of a ramshackle little shack but Sam’s already done a great job of making it nice and liveable inside. We bought it together a couple of years ago and despite being a bit run-down, it’s in a great location, we got it for a great price and the zoning allows for all sorts of future possibilities.

Meanwhile we’re going to do what we can to spruce it up on a very tight budget. It looks like the first project will be to replace the nasty old carpet in the living room with a nice floating bamboo floor. But before we can do that we might need to make some minor changes to door locations, etc. We’ll know more tomorrow. Right now I’m off for a swim and a dance…. it’s hot here!

The outside of Sam's little house in Missoula, Montana

The outside of Sam’s little house in Missoula, Montana

The living room of Sam's house.

The living room of Sam’s house.

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