Feb 22, 2015: Proof Positive

Today marks the end of our 10th month of monitoring the performance of the Greeny Flat. At this point we can confidently predict that we will complete our first year of testing with a large energy surplus. In fact, at this point, we have exported well over three times as much energy to the grid and we have imported from it.

Photo taken this morning of our electricity meters showing that we have put into the grid more than three times as much energy as we have taken out.

Photo taken this morning of our electricity meters showing that we have put more than three times as much energy into the grid as we have taken out… Proof Positive!

When people come to see the Greeny Flat for themselves and to learn about how it works I particularly enjoy showing them our electricity meter box. The electricity meter is not something you would usually think about in most homes, let alone proudly show off to your visitors. I find that I can talk about the concept of being energy positive until I’m blue in the face and a lot of people smile and say, “that’s a nice idea”. But when they see the meters and are faced with concrete and irrefutable proof that we actually do make much more power than we use, their reaction is very different. I can tell that they immediately “get it” and understand the point of this whole experiment.

Now that we are sure the experiment is going to prove to be an overwhelming success we’re thinking about ways to spread the word that building an energy positive house is easy and affordable.

Earth Day Party to mark end of first year

April 22, 2015 will not only mark the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day, it will also mark the end of our first full year of living in, and monitoring the performance of, the Greeny Flat. So we’re going to throw a little party to celebrate the success of the experiment. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Everyone will be welcome so please help us spread the word and mark your calendars for:

Wednesday, April 22 between 3pm and 7pm.

I’ll post more details soon. Meanwhile, if you’re interested you can check out the latest set of results from the experiment on our Results Page.

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