Nov 17, 2017: Tesla Tiny House Here Next Week

I’ve been all over South-eastern NSW in the last couple of weeks performing Energy Audits and Assessments on homes and small businesses from Jindabyne to Maitland. Out of the twenty or so buildings I’ve investigated more than half were built in the early 80’s and have little or no insulation. Very few were correctly oriented to take advantage of Passive Solar Design and most had loads of room for improvement which makes my job very rewarding.

Every building I inspect has different issues and a unique ‘personality’ and I enjoy getting to know each one and what its strong points and needs are. I hope to have time over the coming weeks to write case studies of some of these Energy Assessments. In the meantime, if you’re interested, you can find one recent report I did for a house down the south coast by clicking here.

Tesla Tiny House Dates

The Tesla Tiny House is coming to Berry and Bowral, towed by a ModelX electric car.

The Tesla Tiny House is coming to Berry and Bowral, towed by a Model X electric car.

As we’ve mentioned previously, the Tesla Tiny House is coming to our area thanks to the efforts of local solar and energy efficiency company, Simmark.

I have been invited to attend the two events next week in order to speak to some school groups about the benefits of small, Passive Solar, energy positive and affordable homes like the Greeny Flat and to be on hand to answer people’s questions. There will also be a local builder at the events for those who want to go down that path.

Here are the locations, dates and times that the event will be open to the public.

Silos Estate, Berry. Tuesday Nov 21st, 4-7pm

Bradman Oval, Bowral. Wednesday Nov 22nd, 4-7pm

You can find more detailed information including maps to the sites on the Simmark website here.

I hope to see you there and we’re all hoping the weather cooperates.

(p.s. Just to set realistic expectations, the Tesla Tiny House is not a fully functioning dwelling. It is more of a display space for showcasing Tesla’s solar, battery and EV technology. If you want to see a fully-functioning small (but not tiny) house you can come and visit the Greeny Flat on one of our open days.)

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