June 11, 2014: Cintia’s winter

Andrew is away at the moment. In Montana visiting his son Sam and enjoying the summer…

Cintia in the kitchen

I am here in the Southern Highlands not sure if I can say ‘enjoying’ but living the Winter.
As Andrew knows I am ALWAYS cold. I am Brazilian so for you to have an idea… I was talking to my parents the other day saying it is 7 degrees celsius over here… Their response were: “what?! Seven degrees?!? In Brazil is 17C and we are all rugged up!!!”
So here you go. Maybe cold is cultural!
The good part is inside the Greeny Flat is always at least 17C. I think the lowest it got so far was about 16C when outside was 6C. So I guess I am not THAT cold… Just a bit… Right now I would say mostly is psychological not just due to cultural factors but because my lindo (handsome in portuguese. Yes he is my handsome man!) is away. The Greenyflat has even managed to get bigger!
Living here is great. I just came back from work early and was able to clean the flat in no time! I think my only critic is the colour of the floor. Despite loving the delicious chocolatish aspect of it. Everything single speck of dirt “glows”in the dark. literally. Maybe I should take the advice I was given the other day by an outsider when I brought this up and “Man up! Don’t be so concern about it the cleanness!” haha. Believe me I am not a clean freak… Just saying it…
Apart from this tiny detail I absolutely have no complaints. I LOVE living in here. I love the details. I love that it is cosy, easy and it is good for the planet! What else can I ask for?
Just that Lindo, come back soon! I miss you! x

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      Yeah, sorry about the RSS for greenyflat.com.au not working in Chrome. I’m trying to figure out a fix. I don’t think it works in Firefox either but I’m pretty sure it works in Internet Explorer and Safari. Try those and please let me know if you’re still having trouble. Otherwise I have set up an email newsletter and you can subscribe to it via the Contact page. Thanks and I apologise for the inconvenience. Andy.

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