Mar 24, 2014: start of a big week

This is going to be a big week on the Greeny Flat project. Cintia and I have to be out of the main house by the end of the month (next Monday) so the Greeny Flat has to be ready to occupy by the end of the this week. Luckily the council will allow us to get an “Interim Occupancy” certificate which means that we can move in before everything is completely finished. The basic health and safety items as well as the BASIX requirements have to be installed but I will be able to take me time finishing the rest once we are in.

George and Daniel did a wonderful job last week installing the skirting boards. After much deliberation we finally decided to go with an aluminium flat bar which was relatively inexpensive (about $4.50/m), installed quite easily, and looks great (I think).

Mar 24, 2014: aluminium skirting boards installed

Mar 24, 2014: aluminium skirting boards installed

Today it was raining cats and dogs all day so we set up a tile cutting workshop on the back porch and managed to install about 2/3rds of the tile on the bathroom walls. I finished laying the floor tiles yesterday. The floor tiles we picked up from the Moss Vale Recycled Building Materials yard but the wall tiles we got from Bunnings. I think the combination is going to look great when it’s finished.

Mar 24, 2014: tiling the barthroom walls

Mar 24, 2014: tiling the barthroom walls

The main things we’re trying to get done this week and the plumbing and electrical installations. Once the tiles are grouted in the bathroom we’ll be able to install all the plumbing fixtures. The solar PV panels are due to be installed on the garage on Friday. And we’ll be trying to get most of the electrical work done over the next few days.

Looks like I’ll be as busy as a one-legged man in a kicking contest.

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  • Jeanne Rothenbuecher

    Thanks for sharing your project. Looking forward to see the finished project. And of course, would love to see more projects like this in the U.S.A. Keep up the great work!

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