Nov 12, 2021: Free Zoom Screening of ‘Now’ Movie on Sunday

In our Newsletter back in February this year I wrote about the release of a movie called ‘Now’. It is a full-length documentary conceived, produced and presented by Ryan M. (and his Mum, Tina). I can’t publish his last name because, at the time Ryan started making the film he was only ten years old (now he’s 12).

As I wrote back in February…

‘The fact that he and Tina have been working on this for 18 months and have now seen it through to completion speaks volumes about their commitment and passion. As I wrote to Ryan back in November 2019…

‘Ryan, I’ll be very interested to see where life takes you. I really admire that fact that, at 10 years old, you are willing to put your time, effort and skills into doing something about the problems you see in the world. Good on you.’

Ryan has already sold enough copies of the film to cover expenses and is donating all profits to climate change relief efforts. He has even set up a website at where you can read more about it, watch the official trailer (which I have added below) and purchase the movie in various forms if you’re interested. You can support a young fella who has made a huge effort to do something positive in the world, help him donate money to good causes and maybe pick up some tips for how to make your own little part of the world a better place.

Well now you have the opportunity to see the movie for free on Zoom on Sunday, November 14th at 4pm.

Just click the following link to register for a ticket (I assume that the zoom link will be sent to anyone who can’t attend in person although they don’t make that clear).

It’s well worth watching and here is the trailer to whet your appetite…

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