Step 5. Room Layout

In general, it is a good idea to place rooms that are used during the day ( rooms, kitchens, home offices, etc) on the north side of the house and rooms that are used at night on the south side (e.g.bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, etc.). This means that the rooms used during the day are full of sun and natural light which makes them nice to be in and saves energy because you don’t need to turn on lights. Utility and mechanical rooms don’t usually need sun so they can go on the south side. These can also provide more insulation to the south wall.

Give thought to morning and afternoon sun. Some people like to wake up with the sun shining in their room so their bedroom might go on the east side.

All of the above depends on the specific site and client preferences. For the Greeny Flat, the client prefers morning sun at the kitchen sink so the kitchen is in the north-east corner. We wanted to keep all the plumbing as close together as possible so the bathroom/laundry is in the south-east corner. The living room and dining area are on the north side and the two bedrooms are on the west end. The bedroom in the north west corner has a nice view of Mount Alexandra and gets lots of sun and light in the winter time. The back door leads to a covered porch which provides protected access from the garage to the house.

Floor Plan of the Greeny Flat.

Floor Plan of the Greeny Flat.

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