Project Specs

Site Specs: investment property, rentable, 2nd Dwelling, in-fill housing; Zone R2 medium density, 57 square metres, Heritage Conservation Area, corner lot, northerly aspect, 1 block to park, lake, library and primary school, 2 blocks to Nattai bushland, 3 blocks to main st, shops, medical centre, etc, 5  blocks to supermarkets, railway station, rsl club, etc, etc, etc.

House Specs: The Greeny Flat is north facing, with treated timber frame on concrete slab, clad in corrugated iron, roofed in Colourbond sandwich panel, double-glazed windows, double-insulated walls, lined with Ecoply and set in a low maintenance landscape. Solar PV and Hot Water plus rainwater harvesting system.

Energy Conservation: Passive Solar Design. Maximum use of north facing aspect for passive solar access. Eaves sized for maximum winter sun and minimum summer sun. Double-glazed windows placed for maximum sun in winter and cross-ventilation in summer. Concrete slab for interior thermal mass. Day-use spaces on north side for natural light. Air-sealed and extra-insulated thermal boundary. Landscaping for maximum sun in winter, shade in summer. Energy efficient appliances. Solar hot water.

Concrete slab is dark coloured to absorb heat and sealed with non-outgassing clear sealer (Zero-VOC “Polyclear” from Ecocolour). An air vent pipe is laid beneath the slab to bring fresh air in under the refrigerator.  Air exits through bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans. Concrete slab as termite barriers with edge exposed and collars installed around plumbing penetrations.

Frames are treated pine

Roof is “Versiclad Corrolink” colourbond sandwich panel. ‘Shale Grey’ to reflect heat and insulated with Polystyrene to R3.7.

External cladding is galvanised iron. This reflects some heat and is low maintenance, durable, and fire-resistant.

Windows and exterior doors are Stegbar doubled-glazed aluminium frame with draught seals, positioned for good cross ventilation. Metal fly screens for bushfire spark protection.

Insulation: Tontine Polyester R 2 plus reflective thermal break R0.3.

Internal lining is low outgassing, bracing- strength Ecoply  sealed with Zero-VOC “Polyclear” from Ecocolour.

Plumbing is easily accessible along eastern wall – PEX pipe fed from Clark Tanks 5000l “Slimline” Polyethylene rainwater tank with mains backup. Tank is fed from house and garage roof with leaf eater and first flush diverter.

Outside sink and air-dry clothes line

Solar hot water system– evacuated tubes on roof with storage tank in attic above bathroom/laundry

Drains are PVC pipe under eastern pavers. Double sewer lines for possible future greywater system

Solar Power: 3k photovoltaic 12 x  Trina panels and Aurora inverter with  grid tied system.

Surface-mounted electrical system accessible in picture rail and exposed conduit to switches and outlets

Kitchen: Exhaust fan to outside; low outgassing cabinets; space for washing up machine

Bathroom/laundry : Low water use shower head, taps and toilet cistern, extractor fan

Elderly friendly: Ramped under-cover access, minimum steps, wide doors to allow for walkers or wheelchairs, lever handles and taps, bathroom rails, raised garden beds

Outside landscape: low maintenance, low water requirement, sun patio to fit demountable shade gazebo with raised garden beds. Private sheltered rear courtyard


Single lock up steel frame garage with well lit workshop/storage space –Colourbond roof,  galvanised cladding, on concrete slab

Easy under cover access to both front and back doors

No paint, low power and water bills, easy clean

Materials recyclable