22 May, 2014

Well, it’s official, we are making more energy than we are using, using more tank water than town water, and staying pretty comfortable.

ENERGY: From the table on the Results page we can see that the Energy Exported (electricity fed into the grid from our solar power system) for the last month was 268kWh while the Energy Imported (energy we took from the grid) was only 137kWh. Interestingly, this does not represent the actual total amounts of energy that we made or used. This is because some of the energy that we made with the solar panels went directly to usage in the house without going through either the export of the import meter. However, in terms of the overall goal of being Energy Positive, the energy that we produced that was used directly by the Greeny Flat cancels out in the equation so the Import and Export meters still show us the overall energy balance between what we made and what we used. The really exciting thing is that we only got the solar hot water (SHW) system up and running about a week ago so for three weeks of the last month we were heating all our water with electricity. (see this Blog Post for more details) Now that we have the SHW system working we are using a LOT less energy so we expect to be even more Energy Positive next month and for the rest of the year.

WATER: We had good rain early in the month so were able to use much more tank water (4563L) than town water (1441L). In fact we used about three times the amount of tank water as town water. Unfortunately it hasn’t rained for weeks now so the tank ran dry a few days ago and we are now on town water and hoping for good rain soon. We are really missing the tank water because it tastes absolutely delicious and the town water has a distinct chlorine flavour.

COMFORT: As we can see from the table, it got down to just 2.2(degC) outside but only 14.6 inside. As we’re heading into winter this is a very promising indication that the Greeny Flat will stay nice and comfortable. Especially because we only just got the insulating blinds installed on the windows yesterday so, for the whole the last recording period we were losing a lot of heat at night through the windows. Now that the blinds are in we expect to see an improvement in the nighttime minimums inside the house. We’ll know a lot more when we get next months results.

But generally we’re feeling like we’re very much on target to be Energy Positive, Water Efficient, and Comfortable over the full year.